Ready to fence in 3, 2, 1…

Wow, how time flies…

It has been almost 10 weeks since my ankle was surgically repaired after injury. At 12 weeks I can do “athletic things” again, and thus the countdown to fencing begins. During my recovery I went from completely non-weight bearing with a cast and crutches to a big plastic boot, an air cast, various ankle braces, and then nothing beyond a good sneaker. Physical therapy three times a week has also helped.

It’s amazing how much leg functionality you lose when you’re off your feet for a few weeks. Even up until a couple of weeks ago, my legs would tire after standing for a short time. I couldn’t stay on the elliptical machine at the gym for even 10 minutes because my calves threatened to cramp up.

I have very little pain in my ankle and it no longer limits my day-to-day activities. There is some reduced range of motion, but that should continue to improve. I have a little more physical therapy ahead of me. I can do basic fencing footwork, although I’m hesitant to lunge onto that leg with any force yet. I’ll wait out that full 12 weeks before I attempt that type of “athletic thing”.

So with the traditional fencing season that starts around September/October, I’m hoping to return to practice in the next few weeks. (Yay!!) And as tempted as I am to jump immediately back into competition, I’m not going to allow myself into a tournament until at least November. I mean, I still have to remember how to lunge…

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